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Hotline Großhandel
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Physician search engine

The Online Doctor Search Portal was designed to aid the targeted search for doctors, fields of study internationally and locally, and fast mobile searches on smartphones and Tablet PCs. An extensive amount of data is available for the customer/patient (name, address, tel., fax, field of study, health insurance company/private patient treatment, Email, homepage, opening times, getting there).

Model example:

The application has the following features:

  • Name, address, tel., fax, field of study, Email, homepage, health insurance company and/or private patient care, opening times
  • Direct link to the doctor’s homepage (where applicable) by clicking the doctor’s web address in the data field
  • Possibility to communicate directly via Email by clicking the e-mail address. The e-mail program opens automatically for the user
  • In the mobile version the practice can be called directly
  • A map showing how to get there can also be opened by clicking the data field under the address
  • Option to print out the doctor’s data
  • Option for the doctor to correct data

Aim of the application:

  • Positive impact on patients resulting from correct choice of physician through simple searches with high data densities
  • Strengthening of patients’ relationships with physicians
  • Customer/patient saves time by using the search engine
  • Support for relatives due to the support and care of their loved-ones