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imedicplan · ASCO 2014 · Smartphone 'app' for Compliance: Better quality of life for patients and significant savings in health care.

We German scientists developed an innovative idea into an App for iPhone/iPad, named ‘iMedicplan’. Statistically this App would save every American user approx. $1000 per year due to improvement of his/her medical compliance. This saving could mean up to $290 billion /year in the USA (New England Healthcare Institute 2013; E. Sabaté; WHO – Adherence to Long-Term Therapies; WHO report 2003). In comparison, Germany’s statistical saving would lie at 19 billion Euro, i.e. $320 per person/year (IMS Health 2013,

‘iMedicplan’ already raised high profile scientific, sociopolitical and medical interest – its first official presentation happened at ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) in Chicago, on 29th May 2014 (e17534 journal Clinical Oncology 32, 2014;

This App ‘iMedicplan’ offers five further significant functions in addition to the support of a patient’s medical compliance.

  • Prevention program for children and adults
  • Vaccination scheme
  • Contraindication check within applied medicines
  • Controlling tool for diabetics
  • Monitoring tool for cancer patients

Above functions prove that saving potentials and increase of quality of life are far larger than shown in the studies of New England Healthcare Institute (2013).