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Hotline Großhandel

Hotline Großhandel
+49 261 97 37 71 31


Dr. Fresen Pharma ist zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 und DIN ISO 45001:2018

ЛОГИСТИКА с «лучшей системой в мире»

„Best system in the world“ s. Klose et al “Global validated cold chain transport (2-8°C) of clinical trials and drugs: challenge for the novel GDP guideline from 2013” is the perfect system for your transportation needs – in particular medicinal goods that need to be kept refrigerated.

Doing business with oncological products is far more than just offering a logistics service and merely distributing goods. Extensive quality control measures are our highest priority. As a neutral partner, we supply pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals with a portfolio of over 1000 oncological compounds in various dosage forms, strengths and packaging sizes.

  • Exact batch-based delivery service
  • Strict compliance to the cold chain for products sensitive to temperature
  • Batch tracking of every product from the manufacturer to the customer

Our service team would be happy to offer you advice on our product portfolio and delivery conditions. Please ring us on +49 261 97 377 131.